Mark Hay

I'm Mark, a programmer living in the United States. My interests are in functional programming, machine learning, and mathematics. I write code primarily in Haskell.


I'm currently the CTO of TextQL, a startup building data analysis tools for non-technical users.

I worked for Facebook from 2019-2022 on the Integrity Infrastructure team, contributing to the Sigma and Haxl projects.

I graduated from Williams College in June 2019. I was also on the rowing team.

In 2018, I worked at Tsuru Capital, an options market making firm in Tokyo, Japan.

I was born in South Carolina, and spent most of my youth in Decatur, Alabama, along with a few years in Spokane, Washington.


My hobbies are bodyweight fitness, cooking, and reading, particularly in Chinese (can read most anything by this point) and Japanese (mostly limited to shonen and light novels).



-- Run this program to get my email (or just look at it, it's not that hard!)
main :: IO ()
main = putStrLn (reverse "em.myah@kram")