Mark Hay

Hi! I'm Mark, a programmer living in the United States. My interests are in functional programming, programming languages, machine learning, and mathematics. I write primarily in Haskell.


I graduated from Williams College in June 2019 with a degree in Computer Science. I was also a member of the men's rowing team.

In the summer of 2018, I was an intern at Tsuru Capital in Tokyo, Japan, where I worked on high-performance trading systems in Haskell.

From 2017-2018, I was an exchange student in the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford.


My Chinese surname is 許, making my Chinese name 许马克/許馬克, though I also answer to 许自豪. The romanization "Hay" seems to come from an uncommon Hokkien pronunciation. In Japanese, I prefer 許マーク, where my surname is pronounced 「こ」.

I have some level of proficiency in Mandarin (okay-ish), Japanese (elementary), and Hokkien (very elementary.)




-- Run this program to get my email (or just look at it, it's not that hard!)
main :: IO ()
main = putStrLn (reverse "em.myah@kram")